Tying the knot after only 6 months of courtship might sound like a whirlwind romance but Apurva and Shilpa are not your ordinary couple! Married for 13 years now, they have stood by each other in sickness and in health. Looking back now, a meet was all it took for them to fall in love!

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Apurva Agnihotri shot to fame with his film Pardes. Though he left many girls swooning over him, little did he know that his future wife would be one of them.

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Though they worked in the same industry, it was actress Rakshanda Khan who introduced the two. It was at a coffee shop that they met for the first time. In a media report, Shilpa says “I had a huge crush on Apurva since the time I first saw him in Pardes. I thought he was hot, even when I first saw him at a coffee shop. Our mutual friend Rakshanda played Cupid for us.”

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Soon love blossomed between them. Shilpa and Apurva knew that they were meant for each other and getting married was the next step. Though they only dated for 6 months, they knew that they were perfect for each other.

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It was in 2004 when they tied the knot. The wedding was arranged in Dehradun in a traditional Garhwali style. They took the vows with their friends and family as witnesses.

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The couple has appeared in many shows together from soaps and serials to reality shows. Bigg Boss was one such reality show where they participated together. People were aware of their love but it was this show which gave the audience an up-close view of their relationship.

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Married for 13 long years, their love has only grown stronger with each passing day. We hope to see more from this couple

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