At 89, when most people are well into their retirement, Latika Chakravorty started a new chapter in her life. This granny is now following her dreams and spending her days sewing one-of-a-kind masterpieces which she sells on her website. 

Credit: Instagram

Latika was born in Dhubri, Assam according to her website Latika’s Bags. After her husband’s demise, she moved in with her son Raj who was an Indian Naval Officer. For a major part of her life, she kept travelling around the country as her son’s job took him from one corner to another.

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In the same incessant journeys, she found the beauty in Indian textiles. Each state and each nook had its own flavour and smitten by their charm, Latika started collecting beautiful sarees and Kurtas.

Credit: Instagram

Latika has always had a knack for sewing, now the ‘almost’ nonagenarian is telling stories to the world through designing potli bags. She hand-sews each bag from her collection of beautiful fabrics she has stumbled upon over the years and sells them for around 10 dollars each.

Credit: Instagram

Working behind her 64-year-old Usha sewing machine, she creates dainty masterpieces which have a history of their own.


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